Multifunctional innovation centre

Rupniecibas street 2, Ventspils
Multifunctional innovation centre
Competition entry
25061 m2
5858 m2

Volume of the multifunctional innovation centre combines multiple different functional programs in order to create synergy between scientific research processes, business innovations, education, and entertainment.

In the emotional and visual perception, character of the building is inspired by a wave – symbolising the wave in the sea, as well as the wave as carrier of light, sound or other energy. Shape of the building has been created by adjusting the motive of a wave for the functionality of the building.

Science centre has two various functions, which, when connected, create dynamic construction with emphasis on verticality. Arched roof surface develops into the vertical elevation hence the roof becomes as a complete part of this elevation. This allows to enrich the perception of the building from remote viewpoints.