Riga, Latvia
Contemporary culture center
Urban concept
22394 m2
8775 m2

The project\'s main conception is to revitalize the historical warehouse building complex Spikeri and surroundings premises which are located in the UNESCO historical heritage area between the Old town, city\'s main market and the river Daugava. The challenge was to fit several cultural facilities into the historical environment, such as Modern art museum, Concert hall, artists\' studios, cinema centre, gastronomy school etc., at the same time elegantly preserve an atmosphere and give a contemporary touch. The territory is planned to consist of reconstructed old warehouse buildings and one new building that fits in the ensemble. Because of structural and spatial needs the new building should be the “black box” type concert hall. Modern art museum plans to take place in three appropriate buildings connected at basement level. A public square is planned to be a main uniting component for all the functions and social activities. It is planned to connect the main square with embankment of the river Daugava and Old town via comfortable pedestrian pathways. There are planned three final buildings to confine the area in future.