Torņukalns, Rīga
Competition - first place
6620 m2
24230 m2

A new science academic centre is symbolically placed on the Torna hill (Tornakalns). It is knowledge that is to be aimed for, it is the stairs that one has ascend. We believe that creativity in architecture, that gives it a strong and functionally oriented building image, can contribute to development of education and bring the name of Latvia into the world. The main idea of openness will characterize the new science centre. It is the openness to the surrounding environment as well as inner communication between the faculties. The central atrium will provide light inside and serve as orientation space of the building. It promotes interaction between human and idea, sense of community. The entrance into the building is from the public area corresponding to the building`s function. The upper floors have double skin facade covered in hexagonal blinds allowing for sun energy penetration during winter and protecting from overheating in summer.