Pūt, Vējiņi!

Liepāja, Peldu street
Performance pavilion
2nd prize
8438 m2
2252 m2

Being famous for a vast number of region concerts that had taken place in Pūt Vējiņi garden nowadays this phrase has already become a symbol of Liepaja. In order to create a new image for Pūt Vējiņi our intention was to organically combine contemporary architecture, the brand of Pūt Vējiņi, the expansion of necessary functions as well as the last century`s context of finest timber architecture. Light, Timber and Stone are mainly used to express the idea. Timber which is regarded as a regional traditional material is the main building construction material. Being very traditionally significant material it acts as a reflection to the sophisticated timber details of the surrounding environment. Historically accepted arch form is noticeable between the strict regularity and verticality of the columns. Light dolomite has been chosen as the main inner surface material which also reflects and reinforces the light coming from above. The pavilion successfully conveys our intention of contemporary building expressing modern tendencies and technical opportunities, at the same time respecting last century`s cultural traditions.