2019 - Architectural Plen air for creating new departments in University Childrens hospital in Riga, collaboration with ALPS un IE.LA engineers /1st place/
2019  -  Contest Sustainable Building '2019/Public building category/Limbaži Sports Center/1st place/
2019 - Latvian Bulding Engineer Union/Nomination Best building of the year/Limbaži Sports Center/Award/
2019 - Latvian Bulding Prize 2019/Nomination Reconstruction/Dobele Music school/1st place/
2019. gads - Kuldīga Culture center renovation and restoration/Contest/1st place/
2017 - Daugava Stadium and sport center/Internation Contest/Highest evaluation (in collaboration with MARK and NAMS architects)
2016 - Multistorey residental building in Brīvības street, Riga/Highest evaluation 
2016 - Our leading architect is nominated for Building industry Award, nomination 'Arhitect of the year"
2014 - Riga Castle restoration project in Pils square 3, Riga/Highest evaluation 
           (in collaboration with Sudraba Arhitektūra, design bureau H2E)
2010 - Building of semi storey building in Old Town, Kungu street  5 /1st place/
2010 - Contest for building of Latvian University Natural Science department complex /1st place/
      (in collaboration with Mailītis A.I.I.M., Dina Sotņikova and Ints Menģelis) 

2010 - Contest for Sauleskalns Open Air stage complex restoration, Talsi, Latvia  /1st place/

2010 - Contest for Talsi Creative Courtyard (cultural center and music school ) building /1st place/

2009 -  Contest for Riga District Court building in Brivibas boulevard 207, Riga  /1st place/

2009 - Contest for architectural vision of Limbaži Sports Center /1st place/

2009 - Sketch contest for building of Liepāja Maritime Museum  /1st place/